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It's not just a conference, it's an initiative... 

Phase 1: The Conference

8th - 11th Graders

Black and Brown

At - Potential Youth


We Matter Now will offer a conference, summer programming, a celebration, and ongoing initiatives for approximately 60 at-potential boys and young men of color in grades 9-11 as a first step in building deeper, stronger relationships and helping you grow into leaders.

Phase 2: The Summer

Summer Programming

Young Money Finances

Better Wiser Stronger

Better Wiser Stronger will offer its Blueprint Journal workshop, which is part of its boys-to-men curriculum and designed to provide a blueprint for success.

Young Money Finances will offer three sessions – Young Money Managers, Young Investors, and Young Entrepreneurs – enabling teens to sharpen their skills around managing money, investing, and starting a business. 

Phase 3: The Celebration

Follow The Journey

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