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It takes a village!

We truly value the support from individuals, organizations, and businesses in meeting the needs of our communities.


Interested in getting involved? Here is a list of initiatives where we would love your support!

Tutoring a Student

Money Mentorship Program

Children and young adults are more likely to learn money management from their community members and peers. We would love to partner with you or your organization. Join our Money Mentorship Program and co-facilitate a positive financial journey for your mentee.  

Counting Yens

Bringing Banking Back

We are partnering with local banks to help children and young adults learn how to manage their money. We are seeking your support in helping us to provide children and young adults with Save, Spend, and Share banks!

Backpack Straps

Secure The Bag

We are hosting a fundraising event to equip students with backpacks with money facts and resources printed on them. Our goal is for them to be empowered to make healthy money decisions wherever they go! We are seeking donations to ensure 300 students receive a backpack. 

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Our Impact

We have helped many communities and families learn how to spend, save, share/give, and invest their money. Support us in expanding our support to your community!

Looking to volunteer during our workshops! Check out our calendar and email for volunteer details.


Student's Feedback


YMF Snapshot

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Community Partners

New City Kids


Boys and Girls Club (Grand Rapids)

Aquinas College

Calvin College

STEM Greenhouse

CASA Kent of County

Grand Rapids FIRE

LEAD Program


Real Dads

United Way

Amplify GR

Huntington Bank

TCF Bank

Bank of America

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