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Young Money Finances Camps

Our YMF Camps provide immersive financial education experiences designed to equip youth and young adults with essential financial knowledge and skills, from personal finance management and entrepreneurship to the fundamentals of investing. Each camp focuses on practical financial principles, fostering financial literacy and empowering participants to make informed financial decisions. Each participant also receives our custom Young Money Manager Kits!

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Young Money Managers I

This camp teaches participants the fundamental principles of personal finance, including spending, saving, sharing, and investing. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive understanding of personal finance management, promoting balanced financial habits. It addresses the need for basic financial literacy and personal finance management education, targeting youth and young adults seeking foundational financial literacy skills.

Spend, Save, Share, and Invest


Young Money Managers II

This advanced camp focuses on understanding and managing debt and credit, teaching participants about responsible credit use and debt repayment strategies. The purpose is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to manage debt and credit effectively, promoting financial stability. It addresses advanced financial literacy focusing on debt and credit management, targeting youth and young adults with basic financial literacy seeking advanced knowledge in managing debt and credit.

Debt and Credit


Young Money Entrepreneurs I

This camp introduces participants to the basics of entrepreneurship, highlighting the connection between entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Its purpose is to inspire and educate future entrepreneurs by teaching essential business and leadership skills. The camp addresses the need for entrepreneurial education and leadership development, targeting aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to develop business ideas and leadership skills.

Entrepreneurship is Leadership


Young Money Entrepreneurs II

This advanced camp builds on the principles of entrepreneurship, focusing on market analysis, business strategy, and influencing market trends. The purpose is to provide in-depth knowledge and skills for participants to successfully navigate and influence the market with their business ideas. It addresses advanced entrepreneurial education and market strategy development, targeting young entrepreneurs with basic knowledge seeking advanced skills in market analysis and business strategy.

Influence the Market


Young Money Investors

This camp focuses on teaching participants the fundamentals of investing, emphasizing the importance of the investment process over short-term profits. The purpose is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to make informed investment decisions, fostering long-term financial growth. It addresses the lack of investment education among youth and young adults and is targeted at those interested in learning about investing and building wealth.

Process Over Profit

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