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YMF is committed to providing financial education opportunities to youth and families. Financial literacy is very limited or non-existing in urban communities and educational systems. It is our goal to fill that deficit through practical teaching, relationship development, and community partnerships. We will be the last generation to start from scratch.

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Camp registration is open!

Hello YMF Families! Young Money Finances' Camps empower teens (ages 11 to 17) to focus on their finances and/or entrepreneurship in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Each participant will receive a Money Manager Kit filled with tools and resources needed to engage with our program. 

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Young Money Managers

Managing money is 20% numbers and 80% behaviors. Teens will learn the basic principles to save, create real financial goals, make healthy money decisions, and build wealth. This program will conclude with each participant having clear financial goals and a plan to accomplish their goals. 

Young Investors

It's time to invest in your future! Participants take courses focused on the process of investing. They will trade from a demo investing account. If participants successfully pass the program, they will receive a stipend that could be used for investing!

Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a form of ownership and leadership! Teens will learn the basic concepts of business management, financial sustainability, and the essentials of great leadership. Students will leave this program with a business concept, blueprint, and a chance to pitch their business idea to their peers and the community during our Young Money; Young Minds Pitch Event.

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