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We are transforming communities through financial literacy. You can help put the power of financial literacy into the hands of millions.

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one-time donation


Sponsor a participant by giving a one-time donation of $1,700. This will allow one participant access to a greater financial future.

Your Donation Provides:

1 Money Manager Kit

4 Workshop Sessions

+2 Coaching Sessions

Help us impact future generations one donation at a time. Donate today by emailing us at


friends of ymf

Friends of YMF are the organization's most engaged donors. Our valued Friends have made a special commitment to provide an annual donation of $1,000 or more to further our mission without limitation of funding. We are so grateful that we can count on their vital financial support.


Friends of YMF are invited to exclusive events where they can meet our participants and engage with other Friends of YMF.

Become a Friend of YMF today with a donation of $1,000 or more or renew your donation by emailing us at


Sustaining donors

YMF Sustainers are an essential partner to the organization.

Sustainers make recurring monthly donations that are automatically deducted from their bank account or credit card of choice.

Our Sustainers make donations in any amount they are comfortable giving. Whether the choice is to give $5 a month or $100, we appreciate the commitment to our youth, families, and communities.


Become a Sustainer today, change your contribution amount, or update your payment method by emailing us at


Remember, your contribution is tax deductible. 


corporate sponsors

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the mission of YMF! By becoming a Sponsor of YMF, your company will be providing financial education that will shape our communities for generations to come. We love to brag about our Corporate Sponsors and their commitment to advancing our youth and empowering our families.


Become a Corporate Sponsor today by emailing us at

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it takes a village

Financial Literacy has the Power to:

create sustainable communities

make a bright future for the next generation

break the cycle of poverty

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"In the face of a rapidly evolving economy and financial marketplace, it’s vital to have the tools and the knowledge to make good decisions about money"

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