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Local Nonprofit Young Money Finances to Host Virtual Summer Camps

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Programs for Ages 12-17 Will Focus on Money Management, Investing and Entrepreneurship

Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 8, 2021 – Local nonprofit Young Money Finances is hosting three virtual camps this summer for teens to sharpen their skills around managing money, investing and starting a business.

The camps are open to all community members ages 12-17. Programming begins June 21 and goes through Aug. 5, with each camp running five or seven weeks.

“Our virtual summer camps offer a fun, inclusive and engaging way for young people to learn about managing finances, building wealth and growing a business,” said Dondreá Brown, founder and CEO of Young Money Finances. “Participants will get real-world hands-on experience that will help set them up for success both today and well into the future.”

The camps are:

· Young Money Managers – Participants will learn the basic principles of saving, creating financial goals, making healthy money decisions and building wealth. At the end of the five-week program, participants will have created and achieved clear financial goals. The session will run 9:30-11 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday from June 22 to July 29.

· Young Investors – Students will focus on the process of investing and the emotional intelligence needed to invest. They will make trades using a demo account and, upon completion of the program, they will receive a stipend that could be used for investing. The seven-week session will run 10:30 a.m.-noon June 21 to Aug. 4.

· Young Entrepreneurs – Participants will learn the basic concepts of business and financial management. Each student will leave with a business concept, blueprint and chance to pitch their business idea to their peers and the community. The five-week program will run 3-4:30 p.m. July 6 to Aug. 5.

Each camp is $25 per student, and scholarships are available to ensure cost is not a barrier to participation.

Students in each session will receive a toolkit that includes a Young Money Finances, or YMF, T-shirt and stickers, play money and flash cards, a journal and a pledge card specific to the session topic, among other learning tools. For example, the Young Money Managers flash cards will provide “math made simple” tips, a monthly financial planner and basic information about savings accounts, dividends, credit inquiries, annual percentage rate and other common money terms. Participants also will receive a pledge card that affirms their commitment to making good decisions about money and continuing to learn about it, as well as states, “I will be the last generation to start from scratch.”

“The ‘American Dream’ says individuals and families can thrive if they just work hard,” Brown said. “Yet, a society with income disparities and an economy that continues to increase the cost of living is not conducive to achieving this promise. Not only do individuals and families not make enough money, but they also lack the education and behavior to make healthy financial decisions.

“At YMF, we take an intentional, individualized and culturally responsive approach to financial literacy by focusing on behaviors versus numbers. We know finances can become a barrier to financial literacy. We believe building financial literacy can be fun and engaging – and help families build generational wealth. It is our responsibility to provide meaningful financial education to our children from generation to generation. All kids can learn how to manage money – we have to be willing to teach them in ways they can connect with meaningfully.”

YMF was launched WHEN February 14th, 2019, modeled after curriculum Brown developed and inspired by his then- 8 -year-old daughter, Aniylah, who needed to budget and save for a gymnastics bar. She used the spend-share-give money tool created by her dad to realize her dream of getting a new gymnastics bar. Aniylah and her six siblings ranging in age 14 to 4 serve as advisers to Brown on YMF’s financial education, resources and branded materials.

To register for one or more YMF virtual summer camp or for more information about them, visit The toolkits, flash cards, journals and YMF-branded materials are available for sale at

Brown provides similar services to adults through his for-profit business, 1428 Financial Wellness. Founded on the biblical principle in Luke 14:28 – But don’t begin until you count the cost – 1428 Financial Wellness offers a My Money University, financial coaching, learning opportunities and resources for adults and college students.

About Young Money Finances

Young Money Finances is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that is transforming communities through financial literacy. YMF focuses on partnering with organizations and the community to provide high-impact and engaging financial education, services and resources. It is committed to empowering youth to flourish in these four main areas: health and wellness, education, entrepreneurship and community engagement. To learn more, visit or connect on Facebook or Instagram.

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