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UNCSA Welcomes New Adjunct Professor Dondreá Brown

Dondrea Brown joins the Division of Liberal Arts at the University of North Carolina School of Arts in the role of Adjunct Faculty teaching Artist Entrepreneur and Personal Finance for Artist.

Brown says his goal is to “provide our students with a safe, inclusive, and engaging educational environment. I will prepare our students to address the notion of the struggling artist. Students will learn how to identify and utilize tools, resources, systems, and concepts that will empower them to flourish in their career and personal lives”.

Dondreá Brown has been committed to providing financial literacy since he graduated college. He first began educating himself, then his family and friends on the basic principles of money management. He quickly recognized that educating and supporting others to create and achieve financial goals was social justice work. That reality gave him the drive and motivation to create safe, motivational, educational, and fun environments to teach financial literacy.

Dondreá Brown is an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and Masters in the Arts of Teaching from Kent State University. He recently taught personal finance courses at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dondreá is the CEO of 1428 Financial Wellness, a company that empowers and motivates individuals to utilize healthy financial behavior to achieve financial goals. He also partners with Colleges, Universities, and local organizations to construct financial education programming to close the financial achievement gap.

Dondreá is also the Founder and Executive Director of Young Money Finance (YMF), a nonprofit he created to empowers youth and families to utilize healthy financial behaviors. YMF serves first-generation, low-income, and youth and families with accommodations. Programs at YMF are taught through Brown’s Culturally Responsive Financial Literacy model, a model he created to provide high impact, relevant, and intentional education. We also offer camps with three tracks, our Young Money Managers, Young Money Investors, and Young Money Entrepreneurs.

Brown is the author of the book, Manifest More Money, created tools such as Financial Master Planner and Young Money Manager Kits to assist participants in accomplishing their financial goals.

Dondreá believes that financial education and entrepreneurship can be used to close financial achievement gap. To learn more, visit or or connect on Facebook or Instagram.

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